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Profile: John Kerrigan, Ph.D.

John Kerrigan with friend - Mariposas de Mindo, Ecuador
The hummingbird whisperer

I recently wrapped up a 30+ year career in psychology. Having lots of free time and not having to worry about schedules and appointments has been a welcome change and I now have time to wander around taking pictures both close to home in the Pacific Northwest and internationally. Parkinson's Disease has slowed me down but I plan  to continue shooting as long as I am physically able to do so.

My favorite  photo subjects are birds, wildlife, candid shots of kids, and landscapes. My favorite shooting destinations are Ecuador, where most of the hummingbird pictures were taken, and the Oregon, Washington and British Columbia coastlines and the Columbia River.

I've been interested in photography since buying a Canon AE-1 35mm in 1978 but making a living and raising kids took priority for lots of years. I got back into photography in 2009 when I bought a decent Nikon outfit and I currently use Nikon D90 and D600 bodies, Nikon lenses and flash, and  "Big Bertha," a Sigma 150 - 500 mm, for birds.

I hope you enjoy my images.